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Private Schools in Weston
published by Pat Hase on Mon, 18/07/2022 - 22:25

With the news last week of the closure of the last Private School in Weston - Ashbrooke House - I have started to compile a database of all similar schools in Weston over the years of which there were many. I will collect information from Street Directories, Censuses, newspapers etc and if any of you have found ancestors with connections to any of these or others - I would be pleased to add them to the list.

At the moment initial information about the following schools has been collected: The Schools vary in size, age range and sex of their pupils. Some are Day Schools and some offer Boarding.

Ashbrooke House, Athelstan, Beaconsfield, Beaurivage,  Beausejour, Belle View House, Brambridge House, Brean House, Brynmelyn, Buena Vista, Burton House, Carlton House, Clarence, Coombe Road,  Cottesloe, Dunmarklyn,  Eastern House, Etonhurst,  Eversley, Fairleigh, Greystones, Hazel Croft, Hazelhurst, Holywell House, Hope House, Ingleside, Ivydene, Kendale,Kingsholme, La Retraite, Lancaster House, Lewinsdale, Lewisham, Melrose, Montague House, Petergate, Radford House, Rodney House. Rossholme, Rostherne, Ryeford House, St Andrew's College, St Aubyn's, St Cuthbert's, St Faith's, St Peter's, Stanmore House, Sunnyside, Tarradale, Tavistock House. The College, The Firs, The White House, Tower House. Trefloyne, Westcliff, Westgate, Winchester House, Winthorpe, Woodabay, Wyncroft. 



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The disappearance of Edmund NICHOLS
published by zumrob on Wed, 13/07/2022 - 12:50

Now we are well on the way to putting a face to Harry NICHOLS I have another puzzle to solve.

Harry was the 9th of 10 children of Edmund NICHOLS & Eliza HAIN. The 4th child - also called Edmund was born 4 Mar 1872 in Congresbury. He is the one who disappeared!  In 1881 he is with his parents in Puxton, in 1891 (as Edwd NICHOLS) as a farm servant in Wick St Lawrence and in 1901 with his wife and 3 of their children in Bristol as a Lumber Carter.

He married Anna Jane DAVIS about 1895 and they had 5 children in total - they were all baptised on the same day 2 Sep 1906 in the Worle Circuit of the Methodist Church (non-Conformist which is why I probably can't find the marriage). The records state that they were living in Hewish at this point. After this we lose him.

Anna Jane is on her own in the 1911 census but still stated as being "married". Still living in Hewish. In 1921 (yes I paid for it - it's the only one I done so far) she is with her daughter (as Hannah NICHOLS) - still "married" Only in 1939 she is recorded as being widowed.

So what happened to Edmund - anything is possible looking at the family history.

Of the 6 boys the other 5 were in the military at some point. Harry just for WWI. The oldest, George was a Corporal in the Royal Scots Fusiliers before being busted - went to Australia and was found dead after 6 weeks with his throat cut. Twins William & James both joined up in 1895, James died of gangrene in Mhow, India in 1895, William survived his stint in the Grenadier Guards & lived to the age of 76. Another twin, John (there were two sets) also joined up in 1895 and lived to the age of 78 although spent some time in Wells Asylum before WWI.

Of the girls John's twin sister Sarah Ann spent nearly 50 years in Wells Asylum, the 2nd eldest Eliza was a drunk who had 12 children with at least 3 different men (only 2 were husbands). She had quite a few spells in prison with the kids being brought up in the Glamorgan Cottage Homes. Another sister died at the age of 18.

So death, emigration, running off with another woman (or man I suppose), long term jail, asylum, long military service - anything is possible. I cannot find anything for an Edmund or Edward of the right age.

Any thoughts - however radical, gratefully received.


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Help with a death Certificate
published by David Hockey on Tue, 12/07/2022 - 22:11

I am trying to make sense of the attached death certificate for John Hockey in respect of his cause of death. It appears that he lived for 3 months after an event, but I am unable to make out what it was. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. 

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Is it Wonderstone or Understone at Bleadon?
published by Pat Hase on Fri, 08/07/2022 - 23:17

Looking at the censuses for Bleadon I notice that the address for some people can be Wonderstone or Understone, depending on the census. I assume that this is the Wonderstone that we know today.  Does anyone know whether it was ever known as Understone or is this a case of the enumerator writing down what they thought they heard?  

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Cabbies declare war on their rivals the trams
published by msgrant256@btinternet.com on Sat, 02/07/2022 - 18:57

There was an article published in the Weston Mercury relating  to when trams first introduced to Weston. My grandfather Launie  Marshall was one of the first Inspectors. It is quite an interesting article. I have saved a copy but don’t know how to forward it if anyone is interested.

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Cannington Draycott area
published by msgrant256@btinternet.com on Fri, 01/07/2022 - 9:31

The Surname for Draycott is Durbin, Cannington Caswill, Farthing 

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