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Elizabeth (Betty) PARKER nee SALVIDGE, 1781-1868 and her mother Sarah TUTTON (d1784)
published by LeedsChris on Tue, 02/02/2021 - 12:36

My GGG Grandmother was Elizabeth (Betty) PARKER, died 20 Jul 1868, Weston-super-mare.  She was married to George PARKER, Blacksmith, died Weston-super-mare 4 Oct 1845.  She and George were married in Bleadon on 22 May 1808 and her maiden name SALVIDGE.  So far, so good, but I am stuck following Betty’s SALVIDGE line back.  Can anyone help?

The age on her death certificate (87) suggests she was born 1781.  The 1851 Census shows her born Bleadon (inferred 1779), the 1861 Census shows her born West Harptree (inferred 1781).  I have looked at all SALVIDGE ‘events’ in Somerset and can find no baptism for Elizabeth anywhere.

There are only 3 SALVIDGE families with baptisms c1780.  One at Winscombe, one at Chewton Mendip and then James and Sarah SALVIDGE who were baptising children at Bleadon 1771-80.  This may well be the same James and Sarah SALVIDGE whose first six children were baptised at Litton (near Chewton Mendip) 1763-1770.  To support this theory the only marriage I can find for James Salvidge in the relevant period is at Shipham, on 17th Nov 1759, between James SALVIDGE, farmer, of Litton, and Sarah TUTTON of Shipham.  

My theory is that Betty SALVIDGE is the daughter of James and Sarah.  Others of James and Sarah’s children were baptised ‘privately’ and only later in Church and recorded in the Register, so did this happen in Betty’s case, but she didn’t have the later public baptism? Both Betty’s parents were dead before she was four years old – is that a factor?  (James SALVIDGE buried, Bleadon, 4 July 1782 and Sarah SALVIDGE buried, Bleadon, 5 March 1784)  The Bleadon location would square with what the 1851 Census says for Betty’s birthplace?  But what about the 1861 Census showing West Harptree as Betty’s birthplace?  I know the SALVIDGE ‘clan’ can be found right along the Mendips and if Betty was orphaned, was she looked after by other family? James and Sarah, her parents, had lived in Litton, only 3 miles from West Harptree before they moved to Bleadon ?  Perhaps Betty herself didn’t know exactly where she was born?  I’d welcome any thoughts or if anyone has any information?

This leads to my next enquiry about Betty SALVIDGE’s mother!  Assuming Betty’s parents were James SALVIDGE (d1782) and Sarah (d1784) I can find that Sarah’s father is most likely Samuel TUTTON.  The TUTTON maiden name theory is backed because several of James’ and Sarah’s children (Betty’s siblings) have the middle name ‘Tutton’.  The fact that Sarah’s father’s name was Samuel appears backed by an entry in the Bleadon parish register that states “I received of the above-named Mr. James Salvidge, as Executor of the above-named Samuel Tutton, gent, this Thursday the 5th day of September 1771 one guinea for the burial of the said Samuel Tutton, widower, his late wife Mary Tutton, and Mr. Salvidge’s above-named infant daughter, christened, Mary Tutton, in our Church’.  Surely this must indicate James was Samuel’s son-in-law and Sarah’s father?  This is also backed up by the fact that James’ and Sarah’s eldest son (and Betty’s oldest brother), Cornelius SALVIDGE, actually got a private Act of Parliament in 1786 to change his name to Cornelius TUTTON ‘pursuant to the Will of Samuel Tutton Esquire’!!!

All this creates another question, because the only marriages I can find for a Samuel TUTTON (Betty’s potential father) before 1750 are for the marriage by licence of Samuel TUTTON ‘Yeoman of Banwell [about 6 miles east of Bleadon)’ and Mary BENNETT of ‘Bladon’ (Bleadon?) 19 Oct 1747 at Bath Abbey or a marriage between Samuel TUTTON and Betty PIERCE at Chew Magna on 26 Mar 1749 .  Surely the first one is more likely, because we know Samuel as a ‘Gent’ when he died?… And yet, if her parents only married in 1747 and Sarah TUTTON married James SALVIDGE in Shipham in 1759(!) she would only have been 12 when she married and had her first child at 16 – she is described as a ‘Minor’ in the parish register but even so???  Again, any thoughts or observations would be welcome!

I am more than happy to share any information I have or will learn about the SALVIDGEs and TUTTONs

Thanks, Chris Martin

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Comments ..

Submitted by Pat Hase on Fri, 05/02/2021 - 0:09

I commend you on your thorough research.  I was interested to note that Betty PARKER appears to have been buried on the same day that she died unless there is an error in the Burial Register.  You have her death certificate and the same date is given in a newspaper announcement of her death.  But the burial Register of Weston Cemetery gives the same date for her burial.  Possible but unusual.

I would go along with your reasoning about the parentage of Betty SALVIDGE.  it was not unusual for a child to privately christened at birth and then formally presented to the congregation at a later date.  If, as you say her parents died not long after her birth then it is entirely possible that this second ceremony was overlooked.

I'm not so sure about Betty's mother.  There is a Will of Samuel TUTTON who died in Bleadon in 1771 available on the National Archives which at the moment you can download free of charge.  It is very long and difficult to read but I can see the name James SAVAGE [sic] mentioned several times.  It also includes a statement that James SAVAGE should take the surname TUTTON by Act of Parliament.  As James SALVIDGE died shortly after Samuel TUTTON this is probably why his son took the name TUTTON.  On a quick perusal of the Will I cannot see any mention of a wife or children for Samuel TUTTON -  but as I said the writing is difficult - I hope you will have better luck. Perhaps Sarah TUTTON was his niece?

Do let us know what you can decipher from the Will.  There are several items relating to SALVIDGE in the Somerset Archives, including this one which may be of help to you when they are open again.

Good Luck with your research!

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Submitted by LeedsChris on Fri, 05/02/2021 - 12:13

Hello, Pat.  Thank you so much for your reply, that's very kind.  Yes, I am trying to be as thorough as I can.  The information about the Will is great, so I'll follow it up.  I have been trying to sort out all the connections of the Salvidges and now the Tuttons, because there are a lot of them and with a lot of the same first names(!).  There did seem to be quite a lot of movement in the Salvidge family along the Mendips, between all the different villages especially the north side.  At one time I thought that if I searched and listed all the baptisms and then listed all the marriages and burials I could work out the tree, but soon found that many marriages appeared of those for whom I couldn't find a baptism and many baptisms of children from those for whom I couldn't find a marriage..!!!!  I'll post a further note when I've had time to study - I'm off down another line today

Thanks again, Chris Martin

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Submitted by LeedsChris on Fri, 05/02/2021 - 19:32

Hello Pat,

Still digesting the information you sent.  On a couple of things you raised I can definitely confirm that Elizabeth ('Betty') PARKER (nee SALVIDGE) died on 20th July 1868 at Weston-super-Mare. This is from the death certificate I have that is certainly for her.  I haven't been able to find any date or location of burial?

On the question of private baptism and then the public presentation and formal recording of a baptism in church at a later date, I actually found from another search for a potential ancestor that the gap in time can be significant.  In the Pawlett, Somerset, Parish Register for 11th September 1774 it says "James, the son of Mr John Parker and Elizabeth his wife was baptised the 5th January 1769 and received into the church the 11th September 1774".  So a gap of five years between private baptism and the public event!

Chris Martin

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Submitted by Pat Hase on Fri, 05/02/2021 - 21:43

Betty PARKER was buried in Milton Road Cemetery in Weston - see our transcriptions on this site.  As a full member of the society you have access to these records.

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Submitted by LeedsChris on Sat, 06/02/2021 - 19:57

Pat, Thanks very much.  That's excellent!  As a new member I'm still getting to grips with all the useful resources on the web-site!

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Submitted by LeedsChris on Mon, 15/02/2021 - 20:18

Pat, I've looked at the will of Samuel Tutton that you referred me to.  It IS very long (I wonder if the lawyers were paid by the word!).  I have managed to read about 95% of the words.  If anything the will makes things even more complicated.  I know from the Bleadon burial records that Samuel Tutton was buried on 29 March 1771 and that would be only a month after he had prepared the will and its two codicils.  I also know that his wife, Mary, had been buried at Bleadon on 6 April 1769.  That squares with the content of the will in which Samuel asks to be buried in the vault in which she is already buried. I also know from the Bleadon baptisms that I can't see any children from Samuel and Mary.  Maybe this explains why the beneficiaries of the will are not obviously his children (and I agree with you, this applies to Sarah too - I can't see that she is his daughter.....).  Incidentally his will is peppered with annuities for widows and other people's wives - not sure what to make of that!  I can see reference to James Savage in the will (who should be my ancestor) and the need for him to adopt the Tutton surname and I know from the Bleadon Parish Register and will that he was indeed Samuel Tutton's executor.  However, I am confused because I have James married to Sarah Tutton... but oddly this can't be the same Sarah Tutton as mentioned in Samuel Tutton's will because the will refers to that Sarah as being 'of Wrington' and not Bleadon....All this is very complicated and maybe there are other contemporary James Salvidges/Salvages and Sarah Tuttons that I have mixed up.  Just to add another level of complexity I see reference to a Samuel Parker of Bleadon in the Will and I am also descended from one Samuel Parker of Bleadon..... I need some strong coffee!!!!

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