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The Society has transcribed a number of Parish records for members to view on line or to download. Shown below is a full index of those currently available, which are in Adobe pdf format.

Although rare, there is the possibility of errors in any of our published transcripts and we refer you to our comments about this in our Terms & Conditions.

The transcripts are published without profit to the Society and with a proviso that any subsequent copying is allowed only if free of profit. Anyone wishing to include a subsequent copy as part of a profit-making publication or distribution must apply to the Somerset Archives and Local Studies Service for permission.

CongresburySt Andrews BaptismsBaptisms1543 to 1674
CongresburySt Andrews Baptisms Baptisms1675 to 1762
CongresburySt Andrews Baptisms Baptisms1763 to 1812
CongresburySt Andrews BaptismsBaptisms1813 to 1837
CongresburySt Andrews Baptisms Baptisms1838 to 1910
CongresburySt Andrews BaptismsBaptisms1911 to 1918
CongresburySt Andrews BurialsBurials1563 to 1669
CongresburySt Andrews BurialsBurials1671 to 1762
CongresburySt Andrews BurialsBurials1763 to 1812
CongresburySt Andrews BurialsBurials1813 to 1842
CongresburySt Andrews Burials Burials1843 to 1910
CongresburySt Andrews BurialsBurials1911 to 1918
CongresburySt Andrews MarriagesMarriages1543 to 1663
CongresburySt Andrews Marriages Marriages1670 to 1753
CongresburySt Andrews MarriagesMarriages1754 to 1799
CongresburySt Andrews MarriagesMarriages1800 to 1837
CongresburySt Andrews Marriages Marriages1838 to 1910
CongresburySt Andrews MarriagesMarriages1911 to 1918

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