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Milton Road Cemetery

Could you have Ancestors buried in
Weston-super-Mare Cemetery?

Searchable CD available for only £15.00

Could one of your relations have died after 1856 and be buried in the Milton Road Cemetery in Weston-super-Mare?

View of Milton Road Cemetery A complete list of all burials in the Weston-super-Mare Cemetery from 1856 is now available on CD for only £15.00.  The CD also gives the Plot Numbers, a plan of the Cemetery and the Memorial Inscription if there is one.  Over 39,000 entries. (This CD works with all versions of Windows)

This is a most valuable finding aid and is the result of many hours of work by members of the Society and it incorporates Life Member Brian Austin’s earlier survey of Memorials, many of which are no longer readable.

An example of an entry:

Plot Surname Forenames Death Burial Age
H115 COMFORT Leonard Charles 11 March 1931 14 March 1931 57
H115 COMFORT Lillian Anstice 5 Dec 1955 8 Dec 1955 90


Memorial Inscription
H 115, Dedicated as a token of gratitude by past and present members of Lewisham School to the beloved memory of their Headmaster LEONARD CHARLES COMFORT, who died March 11th 1931, aged 57.  ‘He asked life of thee, and thou gavest it him’.
And to the memory of LILLIAN ANSTICE, his wife, died December 5th 1955.

As a result of the Burial Act in the early 1850s, Weston was given permission to open a Municipal Cemetery and at the same time the existing Burial Grounds at St John’s and Emmanuel were closed to new burials.  The Cemetery is now run by Weston-super-Mare Town Council.

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