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Ancketyll's of Clapton-in-Gordano and Wraxall
published by Richard Manning on Thu, 16/05/2024 - 15:12

Hi All,

I've been sidetracked lately into looking at the Ancketyll family. There are a number of established lineages for them mainly in the visitations series or the major one in Hutchins history of Dorset. But I can't see how the Ancketyll's of Clapton-in-Gordano and Wraxall fit in. Edward the elder seems to appear from nowhere and the family seems to disappear again in the next couple of generations (see attached outline tree). There are references to the two Edwards in relation to persecution of quakers and to their religious careers, they were both Curates of Wraxall. But what I'm interested in is who Edward the elders parents were and what happened to the next generation.

Any suggestions for further research gratefully received


Richard Manning

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Submitted by Pat Hase on Sun, 19/05/2024 - 16:35

This is a new name for me but I can see ANCKETYLL and variants in our Clapton in Gordano Records.  I was interested to read a description of Mrs Mary DONNE as sister of Mr ANCKETYL my predecessor. 

Does that mean he was a relation of the Minister or Parish Clerk or whoever was writing the burial register? 
You mentioned curates of Wraxall - what date was this?

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Submitted by Richard Manning on Sun, 19/05/2024 - 20:31

Hi Pat,

Yes, Edward Ancketyll the elder was rector of Clapton-in-Gordano from 1642 until 1686 he was a  BA from St Edmund Hall, Oxford 3 May 1636, M.A. 4 July 1639.

His son Edward Ancketyll also went to Oxford and was rector of Clapton-in-Gordano from his fathers death in 1686 until this death in 1696.

They were both rectors of Wraxall as well over the same period, so I'm guessing one post covered both parishes and possibly others.

As you can see from the image I included Mary Ancketyll, Edward the youngers sister married Lewis Donne and became Mary Donne.

I've looked at the Clapton registers and I'm afraid the Ancketylls were poor record keepers, after Edward the younger died the new rector wrote in the register that no marriages had been recorded for a number of years even though he had asked the parishioners and marriages had been performed!

There was a relatively famous clergyman Henry Ancketyll who was rector of Mells and possibly briefly of Clapton before Edward the elder. But although I have found him marrying and having children the dates don't seem quite right as I believe Edward was born in 1615 and Henry was probably not yet married then.

Other members of the Ancketyll family had married into the Gorges family of Wraxall so it seems likely that some form of nepotism got them the posts but I can't find the connection.

Interestingly Samuel Still who married Argentine Ancketyll another sister of Edward the younger also became rector of Wraxall. 

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